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   Hello Friends,  let me tell you the story of the birth of Flexbang.


   When I think of Venice, I think of bells... so many medieval churches, calling people to genuflect  at all hours of the day. 

   I also think of a certain afternoon in an old hotel near the Piazza San Marco.  

The grand bed had an ornate gold rococo headboard.  We had a new toy ~ a suction cup dildo that refused to stick anywhere comfortable.  Finally, a four legged stool on its side on top of the mattress worked. 

   There was a lot of laughter….  But, that sexy, bell-filled, afternoon fanned the desire to find an alternative to such awkwardness.
   5 years later, the materials we work with day to day in our studio provided the base for a design that gives suction cup toys a friend to lean on and bang with.

   Enter, Flexbang, made from the same material as bullet proof glass.

   Hence the bang. 

   And the flex, well, we all need a little more flex in our lives - that provides       the Pop. This clear, flexible surface offers the user full control to intensify      the thrust and speed of their favorite suction cup lover to reach their personal     sweet spot.

   It’s perfect solo or with a friend. The clarity is voyeur~friendly, so your lover has a view to your bang inspired waves of pleasure. The elegant “L” shape with slightly different lengths lengths of 20 and 24 inches on each end offers multiple scenarios for fun.  After testing Flexbang with heroic results, I told my lover, "Call the patent attorney, this needs to be shared worldwide."  We hope you'll agree!

   Flexbang can slide under mattresses and chair cushions of various heights thanks to its two different lengths. It can be used on top of the mattress with a pillow on the horizontal arm on top of the bed to cushion you.  The leopard scarf  we include, a vintage version, (or even a belt,  bow tie or reins! can be threaded though the vertical arm. Your suction cup toy is then placed at the desired height.  After that, you hold the “reins,” or maybe your friend does.  You are ready for action! It’s a recipe for a banging good time ~ again and again…


Have a Wonderful Sexy Time, and let us know how you're doing ~