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I/we would like to preface our review with the full disclosure that we
have not heavily dabbled in the world of toy usage. When we received
the Flexbang we had to place an order for the correct pieces for use,
adding some time from receiving the product to product use.

With that being said, we can write this review with full honesty that
the Flexbang can, and will, take your playtime to the next level. The
basic description we were given was helpful. However, it became pretty
self explanatory once we got it home and ready for fun. It offered
amazing control and agility to keep up with our demands. We purchased
several suction cup toys, some with a separate remote, so my partner
could take control when he liked.

The overall design of the item is great. It fit well with our mattress
+ memory foam topper, using the shorter end to stuff under the
mattress. It left plenty of room to offer comfort and ease for usage.
We haven't explored other areas of our home, yet, but the thought is
there and we love that we can be creative with its location and
height. The flexibility, added with the strength and control, really
gives the user ultimate comfort with the added bonus of not having to
think, just do.

We used a regular neck tie to work the device as that really
accommodated our needs the best. We had also gathered some other
fabrics to try but they all were just a bit too stretchy results we
wanted. We were instructed to also try it with scarves but
unfortunately need to increase our collection of useable material.

Overall we would like to say that this is a really fun addition to our
private lives and we would recommend this device to our friends, hands

Cheryl, 32


First and foremost it's a genius concept. Being able to relieve pent up stress, independently and efficiently is something that is not only needed but also sought after in vain. Although, when first using the product it can seem a bit intimidating; the long 'L' shape with its four holes can seem confusing.


Within the instructions there should include: "keep it simple stupid." When I used it I, made it way more complicated than it should have been, but once I figured it out, there was no stopping me! It's a great product, that encourages women sexuality, and the freedom to take the reins in her own hands.

Rose, 24


I just used my flexbang and I am very pleased with the idea of the product. The flex has the right amount of give and stiffness to make it easy to use. It worked very easily with my dildo attachment and I had no problems with the suction working on the flexbang. I also enjoy that it is not very strenuous on my wrists, it actually helped not aggravate my weak wrists. All in all I would recommend this product to my girlfriends, I already have actually!

Sara, 45